Tax Liability Defenses for Individuals

When you first get that letter from the Taxman demanding that you pay back taxes, plus interest and penalties, it can be a stomach-churning moment.

The amount they want you to pay, and just about immediately, too, could change all your future plans.  The thing to try and remember, though, is that the letter is just the IRS or DOR’s opinion that you owe them money.  They can be wrong.  They can be lacking key information.  They may have misunderstood the situation.  After all, they only have a few sparse forms to go by.

So the first question is always whether the IRS or the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (“DOR”) has gotten it right.  Every situation is unique and that’s where expert legal representation can help.

By taking the time to get to know his clients and understand their particular situations, Tom drills through confusion to the heart of the controversy.  The tax code is immensely complex and small details can have a big impacts.

With both a big picture view and an expertise in the details of the tax code, Tom will answer that first question:  Do you really owe what they say you do?

Many times the answer is absolutely not.

And then he will explain to the IRS or DOR how they got it wrong, and what needs doing to make it right.  A former prosecutor, a graduate of Boston University’s Master of Laws in Taxation program, and member of the U.S. Tax Court bar, Tom can advocate your cause from audit to administrative Appeal and into the Massachusetts and Federal courts.


Did You Know?

If a lender forgives all or some of a debt owed, you may well have to pay income tax on the amount forgiven.

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