A Massachusetts Tax Lawyer for Individual and Family Planning

A stitch in time, an ounce of prevention, look both ways before you cross a street.  We all need reminding:  Thinking ahead is the key to success.

Unfiled tax returns and tax debts owed can result in liens on your property, both public and private, and damage your credit rating.  And that can hamper your ability to move, change jobs, qualify for loans, or obtain financial aid for yourself or your children’s education.

For many folks, building a better future for themselves and their families begins by fixing prior tax mistakes.  Engaging a tax professional’s help can be crucial to success.

  • When done correctly, the total tax owed may well decrease, even be eliminated, when missing tax returns are filed.
  • For an outstanding tax debt, negotiating penalty waivers and payment terms can significantly reduce the total amount paid
  • An Offer in Compromise, properly prepared and accepted, can reduce or even eliminate your back tax obligations

For those contemplating divorce, consulting a qualified tax professional can help you understand better the tax implications of any proposed settlement agreement.  To be fair, all values should be considered on a real dollar (net of taxes) basis.

  • You need to know the tax treatment of alimony and child support payments
  • You need to understand the tax treatment of your property division
  • You need to accurately calculate the net present value of any business interests, royalties, or other investments
  • You need to understand your exposure on joint tax returns previously filed with your spouse

As a Fellow in the Society of Actuaries, Tom understands the principals of valuation.  And as an attorney and graduate of Boston University’s Master of Laws in Taxation program, he also knows the tax benefits, risks, and consequences of divorce settlement agreements.

Planning ahead, thinking before doing, can save a world of hurt.  As a top tax lawyer, Tom will provide you the insight and resources you need to manage and positively resolve all your tax issues.

Did You Know?

Failing properly to close out your LLC can expose you to collection activity for years to come.

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