Boston, MA Tax Lawyer: For Individuals

Boston, MA Tax Lawyer: For Individuals

Anyone can have tax problems and they may seem overwhelming.  But you don’t have to face them alone.

Whether you’re dealing with the IRS, the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, the Appellate Tax Board, or the U.S. Tax Court, act now to protect yourself, your family, and your assets.

Just because you’ve received a letter demanding payment doesn’t necessarily mean you have to pay the amount stated.  The tax code is hugely complex and a myriad of factors can have big impacts.  Bottom line:  A Notice of Deficiency or Assessment is just the starting point.

Tax issues can arise in many different ways.

  • During a divorce, or even years after it became final
  • From certain investments or loans, gifts made or received, property bought or sold, judgments received or paid
  • While working, residing, or investing abroad
  • Restructuring your debt can lead to unexpected tax consequences
  • When operating a small business of your own
  • Tax return preparation and filing can be complex
    • It may have been a while since you last filed tax returns.
    • Your current year tax returns may present new and unexpected issues

Whatever your situation, now is the best time to get the job done and set things right.  Tom will provide the expert legal representation you need to make that happen.

Did You Know?

Foreign tax credits come in two flavors: Direct and Indirect.

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