Tax Liability Defenses for Business

For a new or small business getting an unexpected tax bill can be a tough hit to take.

Cash flows can be tight.  Supplies, wages, overhead, it all adds up.  Then out of nowhere the IRS or Massachusetts Department of Revenue starts making new demands, claiming errors or omissions on your previously filed tax returns.  Perhaps they think you owe trustee taxes (sales or meals or employment) that you don’t believe you were required to collect.

What you need is someone who understands how the system works and who knows the tax law.  Every situation is unique, the tax code a sea of complexity.  You need someone who cares about your business and can speak on your behalf.

By taking the time to get to know his clients and understand the details of their particular situations, Tom drills through the confusion to the heart of the controversy.  And then he will explain to the IRS or DOR how they got it wrong, and what needs doing to make it right.

A former prosecutor, a Fellow in the Society of Actuaries, and member of the U.S. Tax Court bar, Tom will take your cause as need be from audit to administrative appeals, and onto the U.S. Tax court or the Appellate Tax Board.


Did You Know?

The tax code is hugely complex and a myriad of factors can have big impacts.

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